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A program is set up for health development of persons with physical disabilities ( 80% children and young, and 20% adults) via:

– training of NCCR staff and internships for university students on home health-care,
– comprehensive evaluations for selected persons with physical disabilities,
– offering medical care,
– providing family counseling,
– providing materials and assistive devices,
– providing psychosocial support and;
– developing speech-language functioning services to the physically disabled persons.

The strategy of NCCR concerning this program (which is running for 10 years now) is to diminish the number of cases treated and shift them to CBOs (with additional training) and to improve the quality of the care for all cases.

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]This program is set up for providing home care for people with physical disabilities by a qualified multidisciplinary medical team trained by international experts, the team provide integrated services for PWDs in homes such as (nursing, physical therapy, and psychological support services), in addition to training their families on the basics of home care. Moreover, people with disabilities are provided with the necessary medical supplies and assistive devices. This program also provide group psychological support sessions, mind and body therapy sessions,therapy sessions using playing, drama and music and a variety of social activities.