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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation held Conference to display the results of “research on family violence against women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip” in the presence of nearly 220 of the representatives of the institutions and the media, and people with disabilities, on the sidelines of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women as part of project activities Combating Discrimination and Human Rights Abuse against Women and Children with Disabilities”, funded by the European Union and in partnership with the Kifaia Foundation – Netherlands on Wednesday: 19/12/2012 at the Jerusalem International Hotel.

The conference was opened by Mr. Khaled Abu Zeid (NCCR consultant) welcoming the attendance and speaking about the role of the National Centre in integrating people with disabilities into society after rehabilitation and providing various services for them in addition to the need for hard work for the application of the law of the disabled Palestinian.

Mr. Abu Zaid talked about the importance of this research that it is the first of its kind in Palestine to highlight the suffering of women with disabilities from discrimination and violence.

Mr. Jan Andrae from the Kifaia Foundation expressed his happiness to participate in this conference, commending the remarkable efforts of the National Center in serving people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip. He also thanked the staff working at the center on the wonderful and humanitarian treatment with people with disabilities which he observed during the conference.

The Kifaia foundation has been supporting the NCCR financially and technically helping the NCCR reach a professional level of providing quality services for persons with disabilities.

At her part, the researcher Ms. Amal Siam (director of the Center for Women’s Affairs) showed the results of the research study describing the main objective: Recognizing the reality of family violence suffered by women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip by identifying the degrees and forms of violence, and identifying the reasons behind the violence against women with disabilities, and to identify the effects on them and on society, and then she provided a set of recommendations that came out of research emphasizing the importance of cooperation between all institutions, persons and official bodies in order to take these recommendations into account and that will contribute to the reduction of this phenomenon.

Mr. Hany Abu-Zeid (an expert in rehabilitation) commented on the research where he praised the scientific method used by the researcher, precision and organization within the research also pointed to the methods used by the researcher in bringing information which were interviews, questionnaires, in addition to intensive work groups.
It is worth mentioning that the search had concluded several results and the most important was: that 85% of with Disabilities respondents are subject to violence in its various forms in addition to that psychological violence against women with disabilities is the most common by using distinction between the disabled and other family members.

This research has led to many recommendations, importantly:
Programs contributing to the rehabilitation of abused women in addition to providing access to jobs for them.
Cooperation between women’s organizations and rehabilitation institutions to deal with the phenomenon of violence against women with disabilities and to reduce it.
Providing psychological and social support to women with disabilities subjected to violence and providing legal advice to them.
Further researches and studies on the subject of violence against women with disabilities.

At the end of the conference, NCCR conducted an open discussion listening to the inputs, recommendations and queries where Ms. Siam answered, also Mr. Abu Zeid asked the participants to send all recommendations on the NCCR Email in order to enrich the research to be printed and distributed later on bodies and institutions interested.

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