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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation held workshop on disability Palestinian law and human rights framework document on Thursday 2/5/2013 in presence of 18 students of Faculty of Law at Al-Azhar University at NCCR headquarter in Gaza City.

At the beginning of the meeting, Fatima Ghussain, communication and advocacy program officer, welcomed the participants, describing  the Centre’s activities, and programs, highlighting the importance of raising community awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities in the Gaza Strip.

A presentation about the most important violations and types of violence facing by persons with disabilities especially women were showed , highlighting  the importance of working to raise community awareness about disabilities, pointing out the importance of implementing the Palestinian law for people with disabilities, which would resolve a large proportion of their problems .

On the other hand, it was focused on the importance of changing the existing negative perception in community about persons with  disabilities and respect their abilities and capabilities, in addition to the importance of stopping discrimination and violence against them, and give them their rights, similar to other segments of society in order to activate and reintegrated them in society.

In addition,  a  film about some cases of people with disabilities had talked about their sufferings and  problems and causes of disability had been showed; they mentioned that  society’s negative perception was one of the main problem for them.

At the end of the meeting, the participants conclude the following recommendations:

• working on activating the Palestinian disabilities law through pressure on the concerned authorities.

• Intensifying community outreach meetings in order to raise awareness about rights of people with disabilities

• Focusing on universities, schools and educational institutions in the programs and outreach activities.

• Urging  concerned authorities to rehabilitate public buildings in order to facilitate the process of integration of disabled.

At the end of the meeting, AlGhusein thanked the participants for their eagerness and active and effective participation in changing society’s negative perception of persons with disabilities.

It is worth mentioning that this meeting come in context of  community activities and advocacy outreach program aiming to raise community awareness on issues related to  people with disabilities in Gaza Strip.

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