The National Centre for Community Rehabilitation ( NCCR) Launched a seminar about the Role of Media in raising the issues of persons with disability

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The NCCR launched a seminar about the role of media in raising the issues of persons with disabilities from Tuesday, 17/9/2013 to Thursday 19/9/2013. Eighteen  journalists and Media students attended the  seminar in the Center.

At the beginning , Mr. Hani Abuzaid, the trainer, welcomed the  attendees and explained the activities and programs of the NCCR. Then he focused light on the importance of raising community awareness about rights of person with disabilities. He explained the following points:

– Techniques of dealing with persons with disabilities.

– Terms for persons with disabilities

–    The role of media in changing the public opinion about the issues of persons with disabilities.

On the other side, it is focused on the importance of changing the negative perception in community about persons with disabilities and their capacities in addition to the importance of stopping all kinds of discrimination and violence against persons with disabilities and provide them with their rights as equally as other groups of society in order to reintegrate them in society.

 also, the training concentrated on the techniques of decision making and the difference between a piece of news, report and investigation.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees recommended to:

– highlight the issues of persons with disabilities in media;

– build bridges of communication between persons with disabilities and  care-giver centers;

– encourage families to show  their children with disabilities in order to reintegrate them in society.

– call media colleges to accept person with disabilities.

– give this training seminar in all provinces  to broaden  benefits.

worthy mentioned, this community activity came as part of the Advocacy program in the  NCCR      which aims to raise community awareness about issues of persons with disabilities.