The role of governmental and non- governmental organizations in increasing the satisfaction of persons of disability discussed in a seminar for NCCR.

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation NCCR- Khanyounis Branch-  organized a seminar about the role of governmental and non- governmental organizations  in  increasing the satisfaction of persons of disability on services, on Sunday, 16/2013.  Dr. Wael, AbuRezeq, the Home Care Program coordinator, welcomed the attendees, then he discussed the main objective of the seminar and its importance in activating the issues which concern persons with disability, and supplying psychological and material support.

Many organizations and  governmental bodies attended the seminar. Mr. Emad Alagha , the head of public relation in Khanyounis municipality talked about the services offered to persons with disability by Khanyounis municipality.  Mr. Qasem Assa’feen, the head of department of persons with disability in Social Affair Ministry talked about the role of Social Affair Ministry in supplying persons with disability with services through formal channels. Ms. Anam Hamdan, head of department of people with disability in the Ministry of Education, talked about efforts  of the department to reintegrate persons with disability on mainstreaming schools in addition to tools of educating them and communicating with them and their families. Finally, Mr. Khaled Kanan, head of persons with disability union in Khanyounis, talked about the role of  the union in serving persons with disability and community in addition to achievements and needs of the union in the present period.

persons with disability discussed their problems and needs; the seminar quests  promised to work seriously on providing their needs as well as they can.