Dental check up for children with physical disability

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On  Thursday corresponding to 5/9/2013, The National Center to Community Rehabilitation (NCCR), Meddle Area, with cooperation with UNRWA clinic  in Nusairat,  organized  a free medical day for dental  check up for children with physical disability.  ,Mr. Esam Alafaghani Dentist in UNRWA clinic,  confirmed  that using  some medicines, in addition to  neglecting teeth brushing  cause decay.

Abdelkareem Shaheen, physiotherapist at  NCCR in the middle area pointed out  that  the medical day takes place  as manifest of continuous corporation between  NCCR and UNRWA clinic in Nusairt and other NGOs. This corporation aims at   reaching   all people with disabilities in the middle area in Gaza Strip to give them the best services. At the end of the day, the children with disability , in need to follow-up, were transferred to UNRWA Dental Clinic