speech examination for children in NCCR

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Home Care Team at the National Center for Community Rehabilitation ( NCCR) Held  speech examination sessions  for 150 children in Alnour kindergarten, which includes  number of children with disabilities, on Thursday, 05/02/2013.

It was  found through screening and talking  with teachers and director of the kindergarten that children have behavioral and psychological  problems in addition to speech problems.

As  NCCR and Home Care Team  giving special attention to children in order  to integrate them in schools, and help them to develop linguistically and socially,  consultancy session was held targeting 15 parents  on Sunday 05/05/2013, during which some problems that facing children such violence, shyness, introversion, language delays and stubbornness were discussed, and the team offered some solutions.

In addition, parents requested  to hold more workshops for its importance in their lives and their children’s behavior.