The National Center for Community Rehabiliation receives Hope Pearl – Paris organization

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation received a delegation from Hope Pearl – Paris organization including Ms. Jasmine Zonaidi (head of the organization – Gaza branch) and was accompanied by Mrs. Melanie on Monday, 02/04/2013 in the center in Gaza City.

Mr. Khaled Abu Zeid NCCR consultant and Sarhan Capacity Development Programme manager welcomed the guests. The parties discussed the programs and main activities in the following programs: home care program and communication and advocacy program and capacity-development program, which works to promote knowledge and various skills and technical abilities of persons and organizations.

Mrs. Zonaidi explained the objectives of the organization; they take care of children especially educational sides as it is specialized to create job opportunities for poor and marginalized families.

She also explained that her organization gives priority to create jobs for families where there are girls with disabilities and through the provision of funds to be working on embroidery and assistance in marketing until the family becomes independent and economically productive resulting in a positive impact on their social and psychological life.

Mr. Khaled Abu Zeid ensured the importance of continuity of such projects and it is a step forward in order to achieve self-esteem for people with disabilities ..

At the end, Ms. Yasmin thanked the center on the extraordinary and unique efforts paid in supporting persons with disabilities in the Gaza Strip.