A Dutch delegation visits the National Center for Community Rehabilitation

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation welcomed a Dutch delegation of Dutch Foundation (Kifaia); the delegation included Ms. Anja Meulenbelt, Dr. Joes Meens, Jan Andrae, Mark and an expert in strategic planning Frank van der Linde on Friday: 25/1 until Tuesday: 01/29/2013.

During the visit the delegation provided training for the staff in the center, where Dr. Joes listened for suggestions from teams of home care about their training needs from various disciplines and team work in preparation for the transfer of the center to an expertise center.

Mr. Jan Andre provided a training on leadership and values of the organization in addition to ways of feedback.

Mr. Mark provided a training on photography, in addition to videotaping interviews on public issues.

The delegation also visited the areas that were damaged during the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, and they visited the home of one of the beneficiaries of home-based care programs.

It is worth mentioning that this visit comes within a series of regular visits undertaken by the Dutch Foundation Kifaia since nearly 14 years, as it is considered the main partner for the National Center for Community Rehabiliation.