Psychological counseling to people with disabilities

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation conducted a counseling session on 21.01.2013 in the premises of the Center aimed at families of persons with disabilities. The number of attendees was “22” from the mothers of children with disabilities.

Psychologist at the National Center ,Suhair Jouda, welcomed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of the participation of parents in such meetings. She then did activities to break the ice and then the psychologist asked the attendees to write down questions and problems facing their children.

Most these questions were focused on the idea of  how to deal with our children with disabilities in a proper way and maintain their psychological status? And how to integrate our children in the society since childhood and also there was a question about how the family can change society’s perception of the disabled person.

The psychologist provided adequate and sufficient answers and provided them with psychological support. Through muscular relaxation exercises which had the effect of alleviating the stress in mothers.
There was a clear and positive effect of the meeting; the attendees expressed great desire to participate other activities and this activity comes within a series of activities carried out by the care program aimed at people with disabilities.