A mural with the participation of women and children with disabilities

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National Center for Community Rehabilitation organized an event within the projectCombating discrimination and Human Rights Abuse against Women and Children with Disabilities”, funded by the European Union and in partnership with the Kifaia Foundation – Netherlands on Tuesday 14/01/2013.

A number of 50  women and children with disabilities participated in the event through drawing on a mural 20 meters long at the headquarters of the National Center for Community Rehabilitation.

The participants drawing and writing slogans related rights freely to communicate their needs and demands to the society through colors and slogans to accept them and recognize their rights and their abilities and perceive them positively, in order to integrate them and increase their participation in the community.

The children presented some songs which expressed their high morale and a wonderful integration in the society.
At the end of the event, the families and parents of the children with disabilities thanked the NCCR for the good reception and interest in engaging their children in initiatives to help them get out of the isolation resulting from disability.