The National Center for Community Rehabilitation Foundation receives a delegation from MAP UK

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation welcomed Ms. Ellen (Monitoring and Evaluation Expert) and Ms. Shizar Yana Zayed (Disability Program Manager – MAP UK) on Wednesday, 16/01/2013, where they met Ms. Fatma Ghussein, Executive Director, Dr. Wael Abu Rizk, Home Care Program Manager, and Mr. Ayman Badah, Projects Officer.

The meeting conducted discussed the programs and activities of the National Center especially the home care program, which provides medical care and psycho-social rehabilitation of handicapped persons in all governorates of the Gaza Strip.
Ayman introduced the activities of the center’s programs and discussed the strategy of NCCR for the year 2013, and he listed the achievements and events of the year 2012 for the center and for the beneficiaries.

A long discussion had taken place about the results of research on domestic violence against women with disabilities.

Ms. Fatma explained the activities of the project “Combating discrimination and Human Rights Abuse against Women and Children with Disabilities”, funded by the European Union and in partnership with the Kifaia Foundation – Netherlands, the most prominent events and achievements during the past two years.

Dr. Wael discussed the framework of the disabled Palestinian law and how to classify disabilities to ensure the rights of handicapped people.

At the end of the visit, the guests expressed their admiring of the extraordinary efforts of the NCCR in providing rehabilitation services for the physically disabled in the Gaza Strip in addition to support for people with disabilities to gain their rights.