Workshop about nutrition of children with disabilities

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation held a workshop about nutrition guidelines for children with mobility disabilities on Monday: 25-6-2012 where the workshop targeted 12 of the mothers of children with disabilities at the headquarters of the NCCR. The workshop targeted mothers of children with mobility disabilities who suffer from nutrition problems, such as (loss of weight, swallowing problems, constipation, and loss of appetite)
For her part, the lecturer Feryal Al-Sarraj focused on the importance of identifying sources of vitamins and minerals in food, in addition to the proper methods to feed the children with disabilities and the importance of focusing on eating food containing fiber and drinking liquids.
Al-Sarraj reported that the holding these meetings would shed light on the problems of nutrition in children with disabilities.

A number of the participating mothers focused on the importance of holding such workshops because of the awareness, guidance and useful information to them and their children. This activity comes from a series of activities carried out by the home care program a part of the NCCR activities.