Psychological debriefing for children with disabilities using toys

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation implemented debriefing and psychological support sessions targeted 10 of the children with disabilities on Monday: 25/6/2012 at the headquarters of the center where the psychologist Allen Awadallah carried many activities such as drawing and playing and singing in order to help children for psychological debriefing where children who suffer from various mobility disabilities were targeted.
As reported by psychologist Awadallah that such activities contribute significantly to the identification of the psychological problems experienced by children with disabilities also contribute to the alleviation of the burden and intensity of the psychological pressure on the children and their parents. She also mentioned that the sessions were positive, constructive and effective as the children interacted significantly and expressed their happiness to attend these sessions and demanded to carry out other similar sessions.
This is an activity of a series of activities carried out by the home care program one of the programs of the National Center for Community Rehabilitation