A Dutch expert visits the NCCR

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The National Center for Community Rehabilitation welcomed Mr. Jan Andrae from the Kifaia Foundation – Netherlands on Tuesday and Wednesday 18-19/12/2012. Where he provided a training about team building which targeted the administrative and operational staff of the NCCR.

Mr. Andrae discussed the ways of effective communication, healthy team composition, and provided important advice in changing thementality towards a healthier environment for a team and dialogue between team members.

Also Mr. Jan listened to the obstacles that face to the teams working in the center through their work and their personal and professional needs to work in a team as well as future expectations regarding the development of their abilities and to change the culture of thinking and communicating with their colleagues at work.

At the end of training, Mr. Yan participated in conference display the results of research conducted by the National Center on “Family violence against women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip.

It is worth mentioning that this training is part of a series of trainings carried out by the Dutch Foundation Kifaia with the National Center for Community Rehabilitation where Kifaia is the main partner of the NCCR.