National Center for Community Rehabilitation

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National Center for Community Rehabilitation serves the disabled community in the Gaza Strip, providing professional, multi-disciplinary service and care including the distribution of necessary devices and materials, such as medication, wheelchairs, hearing aids, and rehabilitation of houses. NCCR also advocates for and empowers people living with disabilities to enhance them to live as full members of society, and serves as a center of expertise on the treatment, care, service and other needs of disabled people in the Gaza strip for patients, families, professionals, students and the society as a whole. In 2010, UPA funded a “Home Care” program for 50 children and youth newly disabled by the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2009. The program provides the skills and supports necessary to enable persons with physical disabilities and their families to accomplish greater independence through counseling and care. NCCR has been running this program since the beginning of the second intifadah in 2001.